Apr 25, 2015

'' Our Faults Dear Brutus ''

From: joe: 
Date: Sat, Apr 25, 2015 at 7:58 AM
Subject: '' Our Faults Dear Brutus ''

I sent this to Rabbi Ken Spiro after I saw him on cable give a talk '' Why the Jew ''.
joe aka giuseppe
From: joe <>
To: kenspiro <>
Sent: Thu, Feb 5, 2015 1:59 pm
Subject: '' Our Faults Dear Brutus ''

I caught your talk on TV last night and found it both entertaining and provocative...I'd like to convey a few thoughts that I have on the subject that I hope you will also find both entertaining and provocative. For openers , my name is not really Giuseppe Furioso; I'm compelled to use an alias because if I used my real name to voice my observations and  attitudes about Jews my career as an academic and an official in the Obama Administration would come to a halt immediately. It is  a fact of life that expressing anything critical of Jews is the equivalent of stepping on the ''third rail'' and has been that way since at least  the middle of the last century. For openers, Jews wield enormous power in America and much of the world...this inordinate power is manifest in just about every area of society... economic, political, social, academic. But somehow to merely make what amounts to a statistical observation is regarded as an expression of anti-Semitism. For example while most  media pundits pointed out that the  appointment of Janet Yellin was a milestone in that it represented the first woman to chair the fed, none dared to mention that she was the fourth Jew in a row to hold that position ( fifth if you ignore the one year chairman ship of William Miller in 1978 ) . Jews have held the powerful position of Fed Chair for almost half a century and somehow we are not allowed to notice it. 
Your talk was on anti-Semitism and I suspect that you were preaching to the choir or whatever is the jewish equivalent of one. I say  this because of its cheering leading tone...some of the things you asserted could hardly passes muster in a legitimate academic forum of middle schoolers.. For openers you assert that the Jews are completely blameless and therefore anti-Semitism is a totally irrational pathology on the part of the '' goy ''. Well its not , anti Semitism is really the very  rational reaction of people to Jewish behavior and as long as jews insist on behaving in such a fashion there will always be anti-Semitism. Quite simply, if anti-Semitism is a disease, it's a disease that you catch from jews! 
For you the bedrock of anti-Semitism is the Christian accusation of deicide...'' the jews killed Jesus  '' . Let me enlighten you on this point, most of the people I correspond with are "anti-Semites" and never have I heard them blame jews for the death of jesus. ( which by the way both Sarah Silverman and the Talmud credit the Jews ) . What incites the ire of every people with whom the jews have dwelled is their supremacist attitude that they are somehow the chosen of god and that they have a divine mission to somehow elevate and enlighten the rest of mankind. Nothing can be further than the truth; Judaism is an evolutionary strategy designed to keep its bloodlines as pure as the English House of is collectivist  and seeks to maximize tribal asset acquisition. To this end jews have unleashed a variety of societal plagues that have undermined the cultural cohesion of the nations where they reside. Marxism is a glaring example of this strategy along with Freudianism, Boasian anthropology, feminism, gay rights, multi culturalism and moral relativism. 
You say that Jews are the historic  promoters of universal human rights and civil liberties...this will of course be a shock to the Palestinians and the historic victims of the trans Atlantic slave trade.  How can such a claim be reconciled with the Jewish moral code set of rules for dealing with fellow jews and one for the rest of mankind. 
And did it ever occur to you that perhaps the people of the earth might resent a self appointed Jewish moral elite leading them into their vision of the  promised land ? The peoples of the earth , particularly western man has accomplished a great deal without the leadership or assistance of Jewry: the Renaissance, the Age of Exploration, the Scientific Revolution , the Enlightenment , the Industrial Revolution were all accomplished with out jews 
And did it ever occur to you that what is '' good for the Jews " may not be good for the peoples with whom they live? in fact these things that jews promote may be downright destructive to the cultural and ethnic integrity of their host nations. e.g Jews in America oppose gun rights but in Israel every jew is armed to the teeth; in America, jews are for open borders, but in Israel it's jews only. And who drove Christmas from the public square? Was it the Moslems ? Perhaps the Hindus ? Maybe the Buddhists? 
Perhaps the most abhorrent aspect to Judaism and the most blatant accusation against it be being a promoter of universal human rights is its prohibition against inter marriage. A women faculty member once commented that because of intermarriage , '' the jews were finishing the job that Hitler started ''. The Jewsih equating marriage to a gentile as a form of genocide forfeits any claim to Jewish moral leadership!!!!!. 
Giuseppe Furioso 

Apr 24, 2015

They call it a "gate tour", but it's nothing a tour of racism, incitemen...

From Brandon Martinez:
During a monthly march called "Tour of the Gates" which goes through the Arab sections of the Old City of Jerusalem, these religious settlers (most of whom emigrated to Israel/Palestine) proudly chant “mavet la’aravim” (Death to Arabs)! 
You don't see this on any of our news outlets and that is what saddens me most. By definition this is also anti-semitism as well, but this form of anti-semitism (towards Arabs) is the kind that US media turns a blind eye to. The fact that they are escorted by Israeli police, and Arabs have no choice but to close up shops and businesses, and have an enforced curfew keeping them inside during the 1 kilometer long route of the march is sickening.

Apr 23, 2015

American Exceptionalism

We are exceptional...exceptionally lucky: 
 We were able  to amass a  territory of several million square miles with only negligible resistance by the few stone age level inhabitants that were already living there. In fact there were hundreds of thousands of square miles upon which no one , white or red, had ever set foot on. This vast territory was gained with a minimum expenditure of blood and treasure. Within its boundaries virtually every crop could be grown , save for a few tropical exotics  and virtually every mineral and metal was found with ease and abundance. We were protected from any would be aggressor by two vast oceans that cost us nothing,  while other nations,  great and small, had to expend considerable treasure to defend their borders with expensive standing armies and fortifications. Our immediate neighbors, Mexico and Canada  never posed  a significant threat. In the case of Mexico , we waged a brief imperialist war that netted territory that rivaled in size  the entire Roman Empire at its height. As for Canada, geopolitically it exists largely as a semi- autonomous republic under American suzerainty.
But we are also  exceptional in other ways:
Slavery was a legal institution until 1865 when it was abolished by the Thirteenth Amendment.
Only two nuclear weapons were ever detonated in anger and the United States was responsible for both
About two million civilians have been killed by strategic bombing since its inception , the United States is responsible for at least 80% of them
We carpet bombed virtually every German and Japanese city in World War ll into rubble and in the post war era we added a few dozen more in Korea , SouthEast Asia and the Middle East .
 The United States was the innovator of virtually every weapon of mass destruction since the 1940's: atomic bomb, hydrogen bomb, neutron bomb, nuclear submarines , multiple war heads, stealth air craft , cluster bombs etc
We spend more money on our military than the rest of the world combined .
We are the world's largest exporter of weapons
We  lag behind virtually every industrialized nation in literacy, literacy, life expectancy and infant mortality
Our legislatures have incumbency reelection rate that rivals the British House of Lords.
We have the Kardashians
We have exercised our UN veto in defense of Israel dozens of times while preaching to the world about human rights.
We have transferred hundreds of billions of US tax payer dollars to Israel , a racist theocracy , who by any standard is the most dangerous country on the planet.
During the Cold War we  supported a variety of mainly third world thugs in the name of anti-communism.
We permit our President to target any one any where in the world that he deems a threat to our security..even American citizens. 
Date: Thu, Apr 23, 2015 at 9:31 PM
Subject: American Exceptionalism

Apr 20, 2015

TRIUMPH of RIGHT over wrong, and yes, a true TRIUMPH OF THE WILL!!

Excellent compilation! A wonderful TEACHING TOOL!
This video is a true TRIUMPH of TRUTH over lies, a TRIUMPH of RIGHT over wrong, and yes, a true TRIUMPH OF THE WILL!!

A great step forward in our continuing pursuit of not only honest history, but JUSTICE for those who have been continually wronged for many decades.

My eternal gratitude that I was included among your recipients.

Raymond Goodwin